Legendary Service

One of our core beliefs is that a hotel’s most critical asset lies is not the building, land or its personal property but its reputational capital. While brand affiliation has a significant role in how a hotel is perceived, our experience tells us that ultimately a hotel’s reputation in the marketplace is determined more so by the quality of the guest experience it provides. We firmly believe maximizing a hotel’s reputation by providing Legendary Guest Service is the best sustainable path towards long term success.

One of the core pillars of Pathfinder Development’s management services, thus, is fostering such a culture of legendary guest service in each of our hotels. While many service related companies believe in the “Golden Rule” which says to “Do unto others as you would have them done unto you” we take the spirit of genuine and compassionate guest service further by our embracing of the “Platinum Rule” which requires us to “Do unto others as they would never have imagined!” Legendary Service is provided and monitored in part through the use of these tools/procedures:

  • Pathway to the HEART – Our unique and robust Legendary Service training program inspires team members to provide lasting memories for our cherished guests.
  • Team Members are trained and empowered to do whatever it takes to keep guests satisfied when any guest indicates to them any aspect of their stay which could have been better.
  • ALL Team Members have compensation packages which include incentive pay for superior guest satisfaction scores. We align the incentives of all associates with those of Ownership and Management.
  • Team Members are recognized throughout the company, including by the Executive Team, when they receive great feedback from guests for whom they have provided an outstanding service experience!
  • Our General Managers personally reach out to any guests who have indicated their experience fell short of their expectations in any aspect.
  • Members of Upper Management attend breakfast and our evening Manager's Receptions to interact with guests.
  • Technological tools are used to identify any guest concerns or special requests so that our hotels can act proactively and decisively to make guests happy!

Your customer doesn't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Damon Richards