Management Services

Pathfinder Development leverages the knowledge and wisdom it has acquired as an experienced Owner/Developer of hospitality assets in its management of third party owned properties. Our passion lies in cultivating and leading best in class hotels and this passion runs deep for any property we are affiliated with, regardless of whether we have an Ownership stake or not. Unlike the majority of hotel management companies, Pathfinder Development does not "nickel and dime" its clients through hidden expenses such as corporate overhead or travel nor does it collect additional fees for core services such as revenue management and financial reporting/accounting. Simply put, our goal is to focus on the steps necessary to help our properties emerge as true market leaders, not on bureaucratic paperwork. Our Corporate staffing model is far less bureaucratic than the vast majority of hotel management companies, which allows us to manage our properties in a much more hands-on and personalized fashion.

Number of properties surpervised
by VP/Regional personnel

16 - 20
4 - 5
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    Management Company
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"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, but most of all, love of what you are doing"


Clients Relatons

Pathfinder Development takes great pride in having satisfied clients! One of our key strategic objectives is to be recognized as a company who is easy and enjoyable to work with based on these key benefits/attributes.

Legendary Guest Service

One of our core beliefs is that a hotel’s most critical asset lies is not the building, land or its personal property but its reputational capital.

Talent Development and Retention

Pathfinder Development wholeheartedly believes that the quality and competence of our workforce is the single most important factor in our success.

Sales & Marketing

our philosophy is that the amount of proactive effort and activity expended by a hotel’s staff in aggressively marketing the property is directly proportional with its market share, revenue performance and ultimately with its asset value.

Facilities Management

We believe diligent and proactive maintenance of the hotel’s physical plant not only creates a climate for a loyal guest, but also helps save the Asset from incurring unnecessary, expensive repair costs.

Revenue Management & E-Commerce

Our expertise allows each of our hotels to maximize their full revenue potential. The partnership with each hotel is enhanced through our consistent approach and delivery of services which revolve around the fundamentals of... Read More

Accounting & Finance

Pathfinder provides detailed financial and accounting services integral to the efficient operation of a hotel.


Pathfinder believes that environmentally friendly practices are our obligation to our community, our guests, team members and future generations.

"Coming together is a Beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success!"

Henry Ford